We offer a variety of extremely affordable and accessible services for all businesses big and small and especially for those just starting out. The cost and length of time it takes depends on what you want us to design, build, and develop for your business. The average website starts for as little as $300.00 (*if you host with us) and $500 if you don’t. We can usually put those sites up in as little as 7 days flat. Those are simple landing pages, bootstrap sites, or sites with no more than 2 or 3 build out pages. (Landing, About Us, and Contact Us). A site like MobileAdgility is one that would cost the client $650 to do because of the number of pages. We are building you a site that has the room to grow as your business grows without you having to start all over again from scratch. We also build sales funnels for a flat fee of $500.

Many of our clients are repeat clients, building them with the ‘end in mind” from the beginning makes it a lot easier to expand with Products, eCommerce, Consumer Classes, Memberships and Subscriptions, Social Media Management, eMail Automation and Management, Brand Reputation Management, APP Development, etc. Some of our clients want the entire infrastructure built from the beginning like our client: www.LifeCoachingToday.com. In those cases those sites cost a little bit more and take a little bit more time because of the details and the actions that the site requires, and the number of build out pages.

If your site requires that we write, design, and provide the content copy, we charge a tiny bit more, but not much. When you provide the content we are happy to proof, edit, and even improve the copy by modifying here and there to improve your search engine optimization.

We offer everything listed on the OUR SERVICES section of the website. We are also able to assist you with securing a catchy and/or branded domain name. We have our own dedicated servers, so we are also able to host websites that we manage for our clients. For a small fee we are able to manage, update, and maintain your website that is hosted with the web hosting company of your choice.

We also to CMS Management (Manage your subscriber list) and Consumer Rewards Based Programs. We have a team of professionals who make the technology portion of your business run smooth so that you don’t have to worry about it. We also do Social Media Marketing and Management for those who are too busy and on the go to do it for themselves. We do SEO management, we build APPS, we do eMail Marketing, and provide a host of other services.  Speak with one of our Team Members for specifics.

To ensure that we are only building what you like, we ask that you sign off on the design pages every step of the way. We cannot go back and just undo everything we have designed for you. That is why communication is important and why we insist on having you sign off as we build your site. You will have the opportunity to go through a simulation of the functionality before the site goes live.

At the end of the project, we will give you a one page cheat sheet with simple commands and login access for your site. How to access your site depends on your hosting company and we will build your cheat sheet according to those specs. With the cheat sheet we will provide a direct link into the control panel of your website, you will be able to change your login and password information and we will show you how to do that. There are coding and build editors for each website that we develop. We will show you how to access and update the Build Editor portion only for quick, easy, and simple updates. Any major design and build changes will require you have someone update the site. But that is the beauty of what we build…. ONLY UPDATES are necessary, you never have to start from scratch again!

Oh absolutely. We have a dedicated managed server and all of the websites we build and host on our server are protected with an SSL Encryption. Once we load the files onto your host, your host company will either add an SSL Certificate onto the site for you, or will provide one to you as a result of your relationship with them. Some host companies require that you purchase an SSL Certificate. If you have hired us to design and build your website and you buy our hosting package, to host your site or manage & host your site, your SSL Certificate is automatically included for peace of mind.

If you have any more questions, or if you need any more clarification, please feel free to reach out to us and a Team Member will get right back to you.